4M Analysis Process

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The purpose of this procedure is to define the steps to do a 4M Analysis of a system or subsystem. The goal of this 4M Analysis Procedure is to reduce losses in the factory by using the Equipment Attributes as a guideline to achieve this end. 4M Analysis Steps Define

OPL – One Point Lesson Template – Free Download

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One Point Lesson is a tool to convey information. Designed to enhance knowledge and skills in a short time, at the right time, whenever needed. To upgrade levels of expertise by having individuals study, learn and then train others in the knowledge or skill. One Point Lesson – Portrait

12 Step Kaizen Story

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The Key Tool for Executing Focused Improvement 12 Step Kaizen is a Better Defined CAP-Do Check Identify where the losses are Justify the subject selection by stratifying the data Understand the process and equipment Grasp the actual situation (Identify the Phenomenon) Establish the objective Establish a Work Plan Analyze

5 WHY Analysis, a TPM Tool for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

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Section 1 5 WHY Process Causes of Losses are Often Complicated: Common Failure scenario: 1. Management system breakdown 2. Failure to implement counter-measures 3. Premature equipment failure 4. Employees fails to follow procedure 5. Failure to ID & Respond 6. Large Loss Results 5 Why Analysis is Proactive Addresses

Value Stream Map

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Tool that provides visualization and understanding of the flow of material and information as a product or service makes its way through the value stream and can be used to present both current state as well as future state vision. Current State It is a visual tool that shows all

Training Module for Manufacturing Sites

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Training is an essential part of any manufacturing facility. Whether it’s TPM training or regulatory, we got it covered. Down below you will find table with training modules by pillar, approximate duration of training session and refresher frequency. TRAINING/ABILITIES TPM PILLAR DURATION REFRESHER SHE PILLAR CONFINED SPACE AWARENESS SHE

Harmonized methodology of Early Product Management and Early Equipment Management

Considerations Steps act as guidelines for the activities to be done; They are located in the correct moment of the project; However, you don’t need to reshape all your Early Management in place; The idea is to: Add good ideas to your Early Management process; Review some activities importance;

Innovation Project Management Funnel

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Ideas All product developments start with IDEAS! First Ideas & Concepts Consumer Researches Consumer Benefits Consumer & Customer Complaints Inputs Opportunities Technology Scan First Impacts – all Company Financial Benefits Feasibility Marketing (MKT): Just one concept – finalize concept All areas start to develop their work Research & Development (R&D):