TPM Objectives

Phase 1 (Production Cost DOWN)

Reduction of Manufacturing Cost developing activities that eliminate the limiting conditions and losses that hinder the reduction of Manufacturing Costs.

Phase 2 (Production Cost DOWN)

Reduction of Product Cost promoting added value activities that eliminate losses and limiting condition on Factory Supply Chain

Phase 3 (Cash Flow UP)

Maximization of the invested resources developing activities that eliminate losses and limiting conditions the hinder the improvement of the Company general Cash Flow. Become Number One in some output indicators on the reference industry.

1. Form a corporate culture which will maximize the effectiveness of production systems.
2. Build an organization from the {shop floor}which prevents all losses for the life of the production system.
3. Involve all departments in implementing T.P.M.
4. Involve all levels-from management to operators.
5. Conduct zero-loss activity through overlapping small group activities.

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