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Losses Overview

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1. Identify Functions Manufacturing Support is divided across several Functions at a site Each Business Process within these Functions should be clearly identified Some Traditional Functions: In TPM, the functions listed above are some of the traditional focus areas for Manufacturing Support (formerly “TPM in the office”). This focus

12 Step Kaizen Story

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The Key Tool for Executing Focused Improvement   12 Step Kaizen is a Better Defined CAP-Do Check Identify where the losses are Justify the subject selection by stratifying the data Understand the process and equipment Grasp the actual situation (Identify the Phenomenon) Establish the objective Establish a Work Plan

Capdo form tracking – Check Analyze Plan Do

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Ready to start your own Focused Improvement Project? Cap-do will be fast an efficient approach to achieve KPIs and targets. To capture and track progress you will need a capdo form. Form can be downloaded here If you require one in Excel spreadsheet format, please contact us.

One Point Lesson – Flat Belts Inspection – Autonomous Maintenance

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  Step 1: Clean the belt with a rag touching and observing the belt. Step 2: Look if flat belt is worn or cracked.

Inspection Steps for Chains and Sprockets – Visual Standards Inspections

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Step 1:  Clean the sprocket with a rag touching and observing the sprocket. Step 2: Look for the following abnormalities:  Worn teeth  Misalignment Abnormality 1: Worn teeth teeth should not be rounded, teeth should not be chipped. Abnormality 2: Misalignment Sprocket must be aligned in the and perfectly perpendicular

Manufacturing Support in the Production Process

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Vision Become a value added support for Make that enables the Supply Chain to achieve superior customer service levels at the lowest possible cost. Mission To communicate, cooperate and coordinate Supply Chain support within Make and across the interfaces with Plan, Source and Deliver. Objectives Demonstrate leadership TPM not