Why-Why Analysis and 5W 1H Templates

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What is why-why analysis?

Methodology used to determine all possible causes for a specific phenomenon in an effort to determine the cause and eliminate it.

What is the phenomenon?

Observe the facts with your own eyes, what exactly do you see. Observation without presumption.

.pdf template can be downloaded here

5W 1H Analysis

.pdf template can be downloaded here

5W 1H and Why-Why Analysis in one document

.pdf template can be downloaded here


PURPOSE: To find countermeasures against all root causes, thus preventing recurrence.

PROCESS: Clarify the situation using 5W1H, keep asking Why until you find the root cause, and then develop actions to prevent recurrence by attacking the root cause.

  1. Gathering details about the Loss (5W 1H)
  2. Identifying the link to Other Pillars
  3. Performing the Root Cause Analysis (5 Why Analysis)
  4. Generating the Action Plan

Test the logic of the final tree – Use of “because test”

Some questions to be asked:

  • Which parts of this equipment are involved/critical?
  • What is the function of each part?
  • What dimensions are relevant, critical?
  • Which materials are involved /critical?
  • Which forces/counter-forces are relevant, critical?
  • Is the process known/described in a Critical Responsibilities/OPL/SOP/Training Checklists?
  • Who are the resources on this equipment/process?

Validate each level of Why?

  • Go look, listen, Feel, Smell, ask- “Watch with a purpose”
  • Simulate
  • Make the fix (Restore) and monitor
  • Do the verification on the floor!

.pdf template can be downloaded here

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