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Autonomous Maintenance Step 4 Valve Module Training

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Module Objectives Basic valve safety awareness and technical valve training Basic understanding of how different valves operate Basic understanding of different valve assembly’s What usually happens when a valve leaks or sticks, what to visually inspect, and abnormalities you may encounter Valve Safety Always isolate valve before servicing Always

Autonomous Maintenance Step 3

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Objectives What is Autonomous Maintenance Step 3? What are some of the main activities? Prerequisites AM Introduction AM Preparation for F-Tags and OPL’s AM Step 0 (5S and Zero Energy State) AM Step 1 and AM Step 2 Step 1: Learning Defect ID, Basic   5W-1H Clean F-tag Abnormalities

Autonomous Maintenance Step 2

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AM Step 2: Countermeasures for SOCs & HTAs Objective:  Countermeasures for SOCs and HTAs Stated in other Words: Prevent causes of dust, dirt, and leakage Improve places which are difficult to clean, inspect, and lubricate Reduce time required for cleaning, inspection, and lubrication AM Step 2 Sub-sections Step 2