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Safety, Health and Environment Rules – SHE Pillar

Every manufacturing facility should have a set of SHE rules for workers and visitors/contractors. Rules must be designed in accordance with company policies as well as local legislation. Please see below an example of Safety, Health and Environment Rules: Work at Heights Work involving a height of 2m or above

OPL – Compressed Air Safety – Air Line Hookup

Illustrate the correct way to hook up compressed air hose for cleaning the line. Pneumatic, Compressed Air Energy Source All lines have now been modified so that it is possible to clean the equipment safely with compressed air while the Main Air is locked out. The configuration on each

Safety, Health and Environment TPM pillar

SHE pillar vision is to cultivate a continuous improvement culture that achieves a sustained record of Safety, Health, & Environmental excellence  & realizes our vision: ZERO accidents, ZERO incidents, ZERO losses. The SHE Pillar is the cornerstone TPM Pillar that supports and lends stability to overall continuous  improvement process

One Point Lesson – OPL – Compressed Air Safety – Usage of restricted air guns for cleaning activities

Usage of compressed air is very effective, however is very dangerous if not handled properly. Recommended to use air with restricting nozzle, reduces safety risk without loosing cleaning effectiveness. All approved air guns must have safety tip, if during pre-operational inspection found that air gun is missing nozzle, please