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Deep KAIZEN for Quality Defects

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Quality defect and rework losses are defined as: Material wasted by producing defective products that have to be scrapped; The time lost (less output) when reprocessing defective products that can be turned into good ones. Some typical examples of quality defects and rework Topping up containers outside the line

Identifying Phenomena for Minor Stops – 6 Gens

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The Deep KAIZEN Approach to Minor Stops (Identifying Phenomena) 1. The 6 ‘Gens’ 1.‘Gen ba’ 現場 – The Precise Location Go to the actual place where the problem occurs, and examine everything carefully. 2.‘Gen butsu’ 現物 – The Evidence View the actual objects, parts and materials involved in the problem. 3.‘Gen

Deep Kaizen for Minor Stops – 7 Step Kaizen

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How is a Minor Stop Defined? A machine stoppage is called a ‘minor stop’ when: the machine stops working for a short time; the machine can easily be restarted by removing or repositioning a workpiece; the machine can be restarted within a few seconds or minutes. The losses due

12 Step Kaizen Story

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The Key Tool for Executing Focused Improvement 12 Step Kaizen is a Better Defined CAP-Do Check Identify where the losses are Justify the subject selection by stratifying the data Understand the process and equipment Grasp the actual situation (Identify the Phenomenon) Establish the objective Establish a Work Plan Analyze

One slide Kaizen and Cap-Do (PDCA) cycle hybrid

Maximize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Process and Plants Through Uncompromising Elimination of Losses and Continuous Improvement of Performance. Step 1 – Identify The Situation Charter Team Collect available Data Classify Losses Step 2 – Justify The Situation Stratify Losses Select the Subject Verify Relevance to Site Master Plan Step 3 –

12 Step Kaizen Toolkit

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Full process described here: 12 Step Kaizen Story Step # Step Explanation Form Name ( Click on the name to go to the form) 1 Identify The Situation 1) Charter Team 2) Collect the availale Data 3) Classify The Losses Step 1 – Team Charter 2 Justify The Situation