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Quality Assurance & Maintenance

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Quality Pillar Roadmap QA Design Deployment Quality Maintenance (Hinshitsu-Hozen) is activities “to set equipment conditions that preclude quality defects, based on the basic concept of maintaining perfect equipment to maintain perfect quality of processed goods and products. The conditions are checked and measured in time-series to verify that measured

Food Manufacturing. Basics of Sanitation

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“All precautions and measures which are necessary in the production, processing, storage and distribution, in order to assure an unobjectionable, sound and palatable product which is fit for human consumption” 1st Priority – Management Commitment      Vision/Mission of the Sanitation Department Sanitation is a way of life. Our Vision

Chapter 8. Quality Maintenance. Part 3

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8. Quality Maintenance in Manual Work Processes (a Case Study) This case study looks at how QM can be developed in an assembly process, and it comes from a company that makes automatic transmission systems for cars. Figure 8.21 shows how the company defined the quality assurance rate in

Chapter 8. Quality Maintenance. Part 2

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5.10 Step 10 Revise Standards We have now established certain conditions relating to the causes of defects, which, if adhered to, will ensure perfect quality. The next thing we must do is to perform the required checks reliably, at pre-set intervals and using the specified methods, to ensure that

Chapter 8. Quality Maintenance. Part 1

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1. The Need for Quality Maintenance The only way we can achieve our goal of zero quality defects is to discard the reactive, ‘shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted’ type of approach, where we only examine quality after it has already been built into the product.