LM20 – 5 STEPS towards Visible SHE Leadership

LM21 – Watering lift vehicle batteries

LM22 – Lock Out, Tag Out and Try Out Safety 

LM23 – When disconnecting power always follow Left Hand Rule

LM24 – To lower scissor lift (MEWP) due to emergency or power loss

LM25 – 5 Why Root Cause Analysis

LM26 – Electrical Safety One Point Lesson – Electrical Panels

LM27 – Visual Controls: Autonomous Maintenance – OPL Chain – Inspection

LM28 – Inspection Steps for Chains and Sprockets – Visual Standards Inspections

LM29 – One Point Lesson – Flat Belts Inspection – Autonomous Maintenance

LM30 – One Point Lesson – OPL – Compressed Air Safety – Autonomous Maintenance

LM31 – OPL – Asbestos containing sites – Utility pipes inspection that potentially may contain asbestos

LM32 – OPL – Compressed Air Safety – Air Line Hookup