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One slide Kaizen and Cap-Do (PDCA) cycle hybrid

Maximize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Process and Plants Through Uncompromising Elimination of Losses and Continuous Improvement of Performance. Step 1 – Identify The Situation Charter Team Collect available Data Classify Losses Step 2 – Justify The Situation Stratify Losses Select the Subject Verify Relevance to Site Master Plan Step 3 –

Capdo form tracking – Check Analyze Plan Do

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Ready to start your own Focused Improvement Project? Cap-do will be fast an efficient approach to achieve KPIs and targets. To capture and track progress you will need a capdo form. Form can be downloaded here If you require one in Excel spreadsheet format, please contact us.

CAP – Do Cycle

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The Key Tool for Executing  Focused Improvement Check – Observe, Collect Data Analyze – Determine Root Cause Plan – Formulate Actions Do Implement Plan REVIEW – Monitor results and return to Check Capdo form can be found here. CAP-Do: The Check Phase Identify the Problem –“A state of difficulty