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Planned Maintenance Pillar Workshop

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Planned Maintenance – Introduction General: Provide an overall understanding of Planned Maintenance Facilitate the site in developing and refining PM plan Identification of additional training requirements Develop an understanding of: Objectives of the Planned Maintenance Pillar The support required for Autonomous Maintenance, T&E and EEM Pillars The objectives and

Preventive maintenance plan (PM program). Fundamental Phase Action Plan

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There are seven very distinct elements or clusters to put in place in the Fundamental Phase. The elements are in a natural “make sense” order; some of them can be completed simultaneously if resources are available. The last one, “Basic Maintenance Management”, can and should be inserted at the

5 Why Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – One Point Lesson (OPL)

5 WHY Analysis is the key tool used to determine ROOT CAUSES for the Phenomenon identified in the CHECK Phase of CAP-Do. The 5 Why analysis begins with the Summary of the Phenomenon from the 5W 1H analysis. The first “why?” originates from the Summary of the Phenomenon. The