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World Class Manufacturing PM – Machine Ledger and PM Calendar

7 steps of PM Step 1. Elimination of forced deterioration and prevention of accelerated deterioration Step 2. Reverse deterioration (Breakdown Analysis) Step 3. Establishment of maintenance standards Step 4. Countermeasures against weak points of the machine and lengthened equipment life Step 5. Build a periodic maintenance system Step 6. Build a predictive maintenance system

Gap Analysis and General Findings of Effective (Preventative) Maintenance

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In order to perform gap analysis, relative rankings of different facilities (sites) needs to be captured: Parts and Materials in Store Room Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) utilization Criticality of assets ranked and maintained Planning and Scheduled work Work order system Effectiveness of Preventative Program (PM) Maintenance Management Duties,

Zero Breakdown Activities

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PM Element 2. Zero Breakdown Activities The biggest challenge during the TPM implementation is to change the tradesmen mind set from the reactive approach (firemen) to a proactive approach (machine physician). The first step is to explain that a repair does not finish when they fix the machine, but

8 Elements Approach – Planned Maintenance Structure

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TPM activity in which the specialized maintenance department shifts the maintenance focus from breakdown maintenance (BM) to preventive maintenance (PM) and from corrective maintenance (CM) and time-based maintenance (TBM) to predictive maintenance (PdM) or condition-based maintenance (CBM), while reducing maintenance costs and supporting the Autonomous Maintenance programme. Four phases

Workplace Electrical Safety – PM training

The Basics Electricity flows more easily through some materials than others. Conductor – substances that offer little resistance (metal, earth surface) Insulator – Substances that slow down or stop flow of electricity (glass, porcelain, wood) When a person receives an electrical shock, sometimes the electrical stimulation causes the muscles

Electrical Arc Flash Hazards ‘Awareness’ Training

Electrical Arc Flash Safety Every year many workers are treated in hospitals with major injuries related to arch flash. The flash is instantaneous, effects of it can last forever and be very traumatizing. What is an Arc Flash? “…a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric