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Electrical Arc Flash Hazards ‘Awareness’ Training

Electrical Arc Flash Safety Every year many workers are treated in hospitals with major injuries related to arch flash. The flash is instantaneous, effects of it can last forever and be very traumatizing. What is an Arc Flash? “…a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric

Approaching Zero Breakdowns by advancing Breakdown analysis

What is Maintenance? Maintenance: It is a set of developed, organized and administered activities with the aim to economically viable ensure the operational status of a specific system. The (7) steps concept of Autonomous Maintenance (operators) are similar to (7) steps of Planned (Effective) Maintenance (trades): “the left and right

Planned Maintenance Pillar Workshop

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Planned Maintenance – Introduction General: Provide an overall understanding of Planned Maintenance Facilitate the site in developing and refining PM plan Identification of additional training requirements Develop an understanding of: Objectives of the Planned Maintenance Pillar The support required for Autonomous Maintenance, T&E and EEM Pillars The objectives and

Preventive maintenance plan (PM program). Fundamental Phase Action Plan

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There are seven very distinct elements or clusters to put in place in the Fundamental Phase. The elements are in a natural “make sense” order; some of them can be completed simultaneously if resources are available. The last one, “Basic Maintenance Management”, can and should be inserted at the

5 Why Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – One Point Lesson (OPL)

5 WHY Analysis is the key tool used to determine ROOT CAUSES for the Phenomenon identified in the CHECK Phase of CAP-Do. The 5 Why analysis begins with the Summary of the Phenomenon from the 5W 1H analysis. The first “why?” originates from the Summary of the Phenomenon. The


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PM Element 8. Abilities Matrix During the progress of TPM it will be necessary to improve the tradesmen skills. To do that the first step is to identify which skills are required for the tradesmen. With this information it is possible to develop the abilities matrix and the training