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Total Productive Maintenance focuses on increasing of productivity. By measuring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, breakdowns and other losses like sub-standard quality, are identified and resolved. Autonomous Maintenance Focused Improvement Planned Maintenance Quality Early Equipment Management Training and Education Manufacturing Support Safety, Health and Environment Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Focused Improvement (FI)

Inspection Standard Training for Conveyors

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When it comes to the movement of materials, no piece of equipment is more commonly used than a Conveyor System. You will see that the packing lines and palletizers in our plant are highly dependant upon Conveyor Systems. In discussing Conveyors we will look at: What They Do and

Focused Improvement Process

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Focused Improvement Vision To eliminate all possible losses in order to improve safety and productivity, and reduce defects and production costs. To create a Continuous Improvement culture utilizing the Focused Improvement (Kaizen) technique to achieve maximum productivity of people, machinery and material utilization, resulting in 0 Accidents, 0 Waste,