One Point Lessons are short visual presentations on a single point that sharpen job-related knowledge, easily share important information just-in-time and improve skills by communicating information about specific problems and improvements.


  • Spot check forklifts, hoists, onsite permit to work – at least one/shift.  Employees will see that you are engaged.
  • Full Stop at stop signs and stay on walkways (no shortcuts).  Employees will see that you walk the talk.
  • Call out  the infraction  – don’t walk past it.  If you don’t speak, Employees will see this as acceptance of bad practice.
  • Go to Gemba. Immediately. Don’t wait to assess when a safety abnormality is raised. If immediate action isn’t warranted, ensure the employee understands the risk and generates a SHE tag.  Employees will see that you are engaged and that they have a role to play.
  • Think and act GREEN:  Recycle (sort) properly and turn off  unused equipment.  Employees take cues from your actions.


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