PM Element 8. Abilities Matrix

During the progress of TPM, improving the tradesmen’s skills will be necessary. The first step is to identify which skills are required for the tradesmen. This information makes it possible to develop the abilities matrix and the training plan.

Some questions about their skills to help the development of  the abilities matrix are:

Which skills do tradesmen need?

  • Perform Basic Activities
  • Support AM Pillar
  • Support each step in AM progress
  • Develop Planned Maintenance Activities
  • Develop Focused Improvement Activities
  • Support SHE Activities
  • Support other TPM Pillars
  • Maintain new equipment

Performance Matrix

After training, the tradesmen will develop new activities, and results are expected from these activities. A Performance Matrix can help control the job’s quality and the time to execute them. To develop the Performance Matrix, track only the most critical activities the tradesmen are performing. Use an OPL to make it clear that the tradesmen control each activity.

Activity Board

An Activity Board Will be instrumental for:

  • understanding the relationship between the activities
  • visualizing activities’ progress
  • recording pillar history

Also, the tradesmen can use this to learn more about the pillar and the tools that have been applied. Some pictures on the following pages show an activity board used in a workshop.

Zero Breakdown Activities

Lessons Learned

  1. Cultural Change
  2. Continuous Opportunity for Improvement (Kaizen)
  3. Work with TPM, not with TPM
  4. Remove Obstacles (people resistance)
  5. KISS the TPM Program (Simple Tools)
  6. Recognition and Celebration
  7. Work routine was changed:
    • Reactive (fireman) to Proactive (physician)
  8. Build a Maintenance Technology System
    • Training: University, Operators
    • Self Learning
  9. Share the expertise with other categories
  10. Acquired knowledge allows:
    • Fast problems solving
    • Machines Modification
    • Machines Development

Implementation Matrix

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