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Step 1. 5W+1H and Phenomenon Summary Start your Breakdown analysis by answering six simple questions: 5 whys and 1 how Phenomenon Summary Use all answers from 5W+1H to construct description of the issue (HOW+WHAT+WHERE+WHEN+WHICH+WHO) The paddle isn’t turning and mix is not being dispensed from feeder in Line X

Effective Maintenance Glossary

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To identify and communicate a World Class Maintenance strategy, which maximizes asset life ensures consistently high levels of equipment safety and reliability, transfers basic Maintenance knowledge from Mechanics to Operators with the objective of improving conversion costs. ANNUAL PLAN It serves to formalize the planning process’ various outputs into

What is a Breakdown?

The unexpected stoppage of a equipment where a part is required or a repair over 10 min is required to restore machine functionality. Examples (Breakdowns): Seized cam replaced (25 min); Suction cup replaced (5 min); Broken cylinder replaced (35 min) Examples (Non-Breakdowns): Guide rail adjusted (10 min) Knife jam

What are F-tags?

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FUGUAI = DEVIATION<->ABNORMALITY Functional Defects Pollution Difficult to Access/Observe Hard to Load/Operate Unsafe Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) “unfriendly” Undesirable Tasks “F” Tags are used to highlight Deviations, Faults or Abnormalities. 3 Types of F-Tags Safety Safety F-Tags are written by everyone for everyone.  Mechanics or operators can close