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Preventive maintenance plan (PM program). Fundamental Phase Action Plan

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There are seven very distinct elements or clusters to put in place in the Fundamental Phase. The elements are in a natural “make sense” order; some of them can be completed simultaneously if resources are available. The last one, “Basic Maintenance Management”, can and should be inserted at the

Planned Maintenance. Part 1

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Types of Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Time Based Maintenance (TBM) Advantage: Maintenance tasks such as inspection are avoided. Few failures occur Disadvantage: The equipment is over-maintained. Maintenance costs are high Predictive (PdM), or Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Advantage: Over-maintenance, the disadvantage of TBM is avoided Disadvantage: Costs are incurred for

Chapter 6. Planned (Effective) Maintenance. Part 4

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5. The 7 Steps of Effective Maintenance There are considerable differences in the way different companies tackle Effective Maintenance. A company that already has an excellent maintenance system will implement it differently from a company that has been working all-out to meet a high level of demand and has