Production and maintenance activities produce a vast amount of highly diverse information relating to maintenance management and maintenance technology. Recording all of this would be a daunting task, and unnecessary. In the end, information is used by people, so the aims of the maintenance records should be made clear, stating why the information is being gathered, what is being monitored, and how the information is to be used. The records kept should suit the purposes of the site that is keeping them.

Types of maintenance record and their objectives

Maintenance is implemented in a variety of ways, depending on the particular site’s policies and the level to which it is managed. Likewise, there are various different methods of recording maintenance data, and there is no single method that could be used in any situation. However, Table “Types of Maintenance Record and their Objectives” shows the types of maintenance records considered to be the basic minimum in a typical factory, indicating the relevant maintenance function and objective for each record.

Types of Maintenance Record and their Objectives
PDCA Flowchart for Data Recording
Failure and Maintenance Information (from a typical factory)

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