Production Systems (JIT series)

What kind of Production System do we have?

  1. Planned (Push) Production
  2. Fill-Up (Pull) Production
  3. Make-to-Order ( Customer Firm ) Production

10 things to consider when implementing a Pull System

  1. A cultural change will happen
  2. Your going to have some Inventory
  3. Where processes are not flowing (connected) we will need to install supermarkets
  4. Conformity to all Kanban rules is mandatory (by everyone, everyday)
  5. The System needs to be designed together with all supporting functions buy-in.
  6. To sustain the system all employees will need to be trained on Push vs. Pull.
  7. New Product Introductions will have to be considered and low runner products too!
  8. Bottle neck processes sometimes will stop if downstream processes don’t pull (no Kanban)
  9. Change over times of bottle neck processes and frequency will be challenged and improved.
  10. Once Pull System is part of daily life, you won’t go back to daily production planning.

Which of the 3 Systems is the best System?

Can your working environment apply the best one now?
What kind of Production System do we have?
Production Process

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