• Capture Project Objective
  • High-level schedule, scope, and resources
  • Start managing stakeholder expectations
  • Kick off the Project


  • Complete Communication Plan
  • ID Project Lifecycle
  • Gather Requirements
  • Establish CCB
  • Release Readiness Checklist
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Manage Stakeholder Expectations
  • WBS, Network Diagram, Schedule
  • Optimize and Baseline Schedule
  • Commit the Project


  • Standing Team Meetings
  • Manage Changes via the CB
  • Update the Schedule
  • Monitor and Control Execution Progress
  • Review Risks Regularly
  • Regular Project Status Updates


  • Complete the Release Readiness Checklist
  • Plan the Release Activities
  • Release “Go/No Go” Decision
  • Complete the Release Activity
  • Formal Release Approval


  • Conduct a Project Retrospective
  • Disposition Leftovers HW
  • Archive SW and Documentation
  • Publish Project Summary
  • Obtain agreement that the project work is complete
  • Celebrate the project completion
  • Recognize the team
  • Release resources from the project

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