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One Point Lessons

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On this page you can find samples of OPLs: Oil Room Setup – oil jars arrangement following 5S standards How to load grease gun – simple instruction for Autonomous Maintenance operators when they take over lubrication of production lines.

Chapter 4. Focused Improvement. Part 3

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9. Improving Changeover 9.1 Some Common Issues Associated with Changeover (1) Confusion People are often concerned about the length of time required for changeovers while failing to get a proper grasp of the situation. The task is left up to the operators, with problems concerning the items listed below

What is 5S

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A program to reduce the number of steps needed to do a job and make the work area cleaner so that it is safer and more productive. The 5 steps of 5S are: Sort Set Shine Standardise Sustain Rules of 5S: Everything HAS a place and everything IN its