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Autonomous Maintenance Step 4. Transmission (drive) training module for operators

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In steps 1 – 3 the main objective was to eliminate FORCED DETERIORATION: Step 1 – Cleaning, Writing F-Tags, Solving F-Tags Step 2 – Eliminating SOC’s & HTA’s Step 3 – Reviewing CI Standards and adding Lubrication Standard Now it’s time to talk about: Autonomous Maintenance Step 4 “General Inspections” Definition Of

TPM Autonomous Maintenance Step 4 Lubrication Module. Part 1

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Purpose of Lubrication As shown in the figure, the lubricating fluid film between the two surfaces keeps the surfaces from making direct contact.  The very small particles of the lubricating fluid in the film move over each other reducing the friction between the surfaces. Training Objectives Describe the purpose

Chapter 5. Autonomous Maintenance. Part 2

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2.5 Step 4: General Inspection 2.5.1 Aims In Autonomous Maintenance Steps 1 to 3, the emphasis is on eliminating forced deterioration and sustaining basic conditions. Operators search out and eliminate equipment abnormalities, institute countermeasures against contamination sources and hard-to-access areas, and develop provisional cleaning, checking and lubricating standards. Thanks