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Total Productive Maintenance in Supply Chain Management. Part 2

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3. Steps in Implementing TPM-SCM 3-1 12 Steps in Implementing TPM-SCM Implementation of TPM-SCM follows the “12 Steps of TPM Development,” as in TPM-MAKE. In this case, however, the content is based on the premise of company-wide development, and the steps proceed in a different order, as follows: Step

Instructor Education Practical Training Manual – Autonomous Maintenance

Purposes and cautions of practical training for autonomous maintenance * The purpose of practical training is to master steps 1 through 3 of autonomous maintenance by experiencing them. * The purpose of autonomous maintenance is to improve the “work site.” The activity board of autonomous maintenance is just a

Chapter 12. Completing and Upgrading the TPM Programme (Levels 1, 2 and 3). Part 2

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4 TPM Level 3 4.1 The Concept of TPM Level 3 – Improving Cash Flow As explained in the previous section, in TPM Level 2, we try to achieve the paradigm shift from ‘selling whatever we can make’ to ‘making only what we can sell’. The precondition for this