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Autonomous Maintenance

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AM is a New Way of Thinking & Working Old Approach I operate, You fix I fix, you design I design , you manage I manage, you… New Approach We are all responsible for our equipment Maintenance in TPM – AM Maintenance is not a person or group !

Autonomous Maintenance Steps 0 through 3

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AM Step 0: SAFETY Objectives: Safety Comes First Ensure team members are safe before performing any of the activities Learn some of the basic TPM tools (activity boards, OPLs, teamwork, etc.) AM Step 1: CLEANING IS INSPECTION Objectives: Restore equipment to its normal operating condition Through cleaning, learn the

Forced vs. Natural Deterioration

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Any item or system in a plant is usually designed to have a performance capability which is safely above that required to meet the duty demands. As a consequence, there is some margin over which the performance can deteriorate before the process duty fails to be met. The deterioration