Autonomous Maintenance

AM is a New Way of Thinking & Working

Old Approach

  • I operate, You fix
  • I fix, you design
  • I design , you manage
  • I manage, you…

New Approach

  • We are all responsible for our equipment

Maintenance in TPM – AM

  1. Maintenance is not a person or group !
  2. Maintenance is the act of maintaining or keeping equipment in good running order!

TPM uses several “tools” to “maintain” equipment such as Autonomous Maintenance and Planned Maintenance!

Roles in AM Shared Goal equals Reliable Equipment

Operators Perform AM on their own Vehicles!

Operators Perform:

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication & Correction
  • Inspections & Checks
  • AM Data Collection & Recordkeeping
  • Minor Repairs

Planned Maintenance

Technicians “maintain” the vehicle by doing scheduled work such as:

  • Tune ups
  • Oil changes and lube jobs
  • Tire rotation
  • Coolant system flush

(Preventive Maintenance)

Why Autonomous & Planned Maintenance?

Autonomous Maintenance 7 Step Development

Step 1. Initial Clean-up (Cleaning with Meaning)

Step 2. Countermeasures for the source of contamination & hard to reach areas.

Step 3. Preparation of tentative Autonomous Maintenance Standards.

Step 4. General Inspection

Step 5. Autonomous Inspection

Step 6. Standardization

Step 7. All out Autonomous Maintenance Management

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