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Autonomous Maintenance Step 1

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AM Step 1 Objectives Machine Reliability: Prevent Forced Deterioration Restore Latent Defects in Equipment Identify Source of Contaminants Skill Up: Understand machine Structures & Function Activity – Go to the Genba (Actual Place!): 1. Deep Cleaning 2. Discover Potential Problems Fuguai 3. Tagging 4. Tentative Action for SOC 5.

Detailed Autonomous Maintenance Plan

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Effectively and efficiently employ machinery, materials and manpower through the use of TPM tools. AM Step 0 LINK 1 Train or Refresh members on Step 0 ET 2 Train or Refresh members on LOTOTO ET 3 Personal Protective Equipment Identified and trained SHE 4 Principle of operation of machine

Autonomous Maintenance Steps 0 through 3

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AM Step 0: SAFETY Objectives: Safety Comes First Ensure team members are safe before performing any of the activities Learn some of the basic TPM tools (activity boards, OPLs, teamwork, etc.) AM Step 1: CLEANING IS INSPECTION Objectives: Restore equipment to its normal operating condition Through cleaning, learn the

Chapter 5. Autonomous Maintenance. Part 1

1. Autonomous Maintenance: the Basic Approach 1.1 What is Autonomous Maintenance? (1) Operators should look after their own equipment Autonomous Maintenance aims to create a scenario where all operators look after their own equipment, carrying out routine checks, oiling and greasing, replacing parts, doing simple repairs, spotting problems at