Is there sufficient commitment to breaking away from breakdown maintenance and setting up a PM system?

Do operators sufficiently understand the importance of their participation in plant maintenance?

Manufacturing support activities

  • Is Autonomous Maintenance sufficiently supported?

Activities to reduce failures to zero

  • Have failure analysis, recovery and improvement sufficiently been carried out and have significant reductions in sporadic failures been achieved?

Establishment of a maintenance plan management system

  • Are maintenance standards prepared, and is PM carried out according to a maintenance calendar?

Creation of a system for the management of maintenance information

  • Are maintenance records carefully recorded, and is an information management system in place?

Spare parts management

  • Are spare parts purchasing and stock management conducted for planned maintenance?

Creation of a predictive maintenance system

  • Is Condition-Based Maintenance introduced, and is diagnostic technology partially developed in-house?

Lubrication oil management

  • Are lubricating oil and operating oil managed, using an oil stand and the like?

Training in maintenance skills

  • Are almost 100% of maintenance team members licenced trades?

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