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MP stands for Maintenance Prevention

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MP activity refers to consideration of maintenance information and new technologies during planning, construction, installation and use of new equipment. MP strives for equipment that is designed for high reliability, maintainability, minimum cost, operability, safety, quality, reduction of maintenance cost and deterioration. Early Management Goal EPM – Develop products of

Early Equipment Management Workshop

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EEM is not just an Engineering activity but the collective effort with plant technicians,  operators,  crafts, supervisors, etc. EEM learning’s are best obtained with one to one discussions with shop floor personnel. EEM must become part of the Capital Expenditure process with acknowledgement of EEM consideration similar to Safety

Chapter 7. Early Equipment Management. Part 1

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1. Defining ‘Early Management’ Product planning has to be preceded by market research. In this manual, the blanket term ‘management of product and equipment development’, or ‘development management’, will be used to refer to all the activities taking place from the market research stage onwards. In the early stages