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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Need: To identify PMs and improvement opportunities for our critical systems. Objective: To create a comprehensive list of improvements and PM requirements to improve reliability of our equipment. FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Concept of FMEA Identify ways the product or process could possibly fail Determine effects resulting from

Cause and Effect Matrix

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C&E Matrix Overview The team develops an understanding of the greatest sources of variation within the process and pinpoints the critical few key process input variables that must be addressed to improve the key process output variables. C&E Matrix What A cause and effect matrix relates process steps to

Chapter 6. Planned (Effective) Maintenance. Part 4

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5. The 7 Steps of Effective Maintenance There are considerable differences in the way different companies tackle Effective Maintenance. A company that already has an excellent maintenance system will implement it differently from a company that has been working all-out to meet a high level of demand and has

Chapter 6. Planned (Effective) Maintenance. Part 2

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4. Carrying out Effective Maintenance 4.1 The Structure of Equipment Maintenance Equipment maintenance can be defined as preventing machines from breaking down by selecting what type of maintenance should be used on which parts of which machines, formulating maintenance standards, and then systematically maintaining and controlling the machines in

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

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A tool used to evaluate potential failure modes and  their causes. Prioritize potential failures according to their risk and drives actions to eliminate or reduce their likelihood of occurrence. Provides a discipline/methodology for documenting this analysis for future use and continuous process improvement