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Identifying Phenomena for Minor Stops – 6 Gens

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The Deep KAIZEN Approach to Minor Stops (Identifying Phenomena) 1. The 6 ‘Gens’ 1.‘Gen ba’ 現場 – The Precise Location Go to the actual place where the problem occurs, and examine everything carefully. 2.‘Gen butsu’ 現物 – The Evidence View the actual objects, parts and materials involved in the problem. 3.‘Gen

12 Step Kaizen Story

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The Key Tool for Executing Focused Improvement 12 Step Kaizen is a Better Defined CAP-Do Check Identify where the losses are Justify the subject selection by stratifying the data Understand the process and equipment Grasp the actual situation (Identify the Phenomenon) Establish the objective Establish a Work Plan Analyze

One slide Kaizen and Cap-Do (PDCA) cycle hybrid

Maximize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Process and Plants Through Uncompromising Elimination of Losses and Continuous Improvement of Performance. Step 1 – Identify The Situation Charter Team Collect available Data Classify Losses Step 2 – Justify The Situation Stratify Losses Select the Subject Verify Relevance to Site Master Plan Step 3 –

12 Step Kaizen Toolkit

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Full process described here: 12 Step Kaizen Story Step # Step Explanation Form Name ( Click on the name to go to the form) 1 Identify The Situation 1) Charter Team 2) Collect the availale Data 3) Classify The Losses Step 1 – Team Charter 2 Justify The Situation