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Chapter 2. Losses, Costs and Efficiency

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Losses in Production System Figure 2.1 shows the structure of the losses inherent in a typical production system. These losses can be split into three main categories: those preventing equipment from being used as efficiently as it could (The 8 Big Equipment Losses, at the upper right of the

Strengthening of Administrative Division Functions through MAKIGAMI Analysis. Part 2

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MAKIGAMI procedure Key point Key point. Make work flows visible! The above table indicates the sequence for preparing a “MAKIGAMI” analysis. Although “MAKIGAMI” analysis should of course expose losses in the work itself, its more important task is to uncover losses that obstruct the flow of work. For this

Chapter 4. Focused Improvement. Part 3

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9. Improving Changeover 9.1 Some Common Issues Associated with Changeover (1) Confusion People are often concerned about the length of time required for changeovers while failing to get a proper grasp of the situation. The task is left up to the operators, with problems concerning the items listed below