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Total Productive Maintenance in Supply Chain Management. Part 3

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3-11-3 Planned Maintenance Activity The main difference between Autonomous Maintenance and Planned Maintenance lies in whether or not special skills are required. Autonomous Maintenance is done on a daily basis, whereas Planned Maintenance seeks to build a system in which environmental or situational changes do not initiate new problems.

Total Productive Maintenance in Supply Chain Management. Part 2

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3. Steps in Implementing TPM-SCM 3-1 12 Steps in Implementing TPM-SCM Implementation of TPM-SCM follows the “12 Steps of TPM Development,” as in TPM-MAKE. In this case, however, the content is based on the premise of company-wide development, and the steps proceed in a different order, as follows: Step

Chapter 5. Autonomous Maintenance. Part 2

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2.5 Step 4: General Inspection 2.5.1 Aims In Autonomous Maintenance Steps 1 to 3, the emphasis is on eliminating forced deterioration and sustaining basic conditions. Operators search out and eliminate equipment abnormalities, institute countermeasures against contamination sources and hard-to-access areas, and develop provisional cleaning, checking and lubricating standards. Thanks