Master the Examine, Theorise, Experiment, Review, Normalize, Apply, and Learn process to excel in professional and personal development.

The ETERNAL (Examine, Theorise, Experiment, Review, Normalise, Apply, Learn) method is a powerful approach that enables individuals and organizations to address challenges effectively, acquire new skills, and develop expertise. The method provides a comprehensive framework integrating critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and applied learning. By following the ETERNAL process, you can create innovative solutions, build valuable insights, and foster a growth mindset in your personal and professional life.

Delving into the ETERNAL Method

  1. Examine: The first step in the ETERNAL method is thoroughly examining the problem or subject matter. This involves collecting relevant information, identifying key aspects, and understanding the context in which the issue arises. You gain a solid foundation to build your understanding and develop solutions by exploring the issue in depth.
  2. Theorise: Once you comprehensively understand the issue, it’s time to theorize. In this stage, you’ll generate hypotheses, ideas, or models to help explain or solve the problem. Theorizing allows you to think creatively, connect, and consider new perspectives. It’s crucial to remain open-minded and embrace diverse ideas during this process.
  3. Experiment: After formulating your theories, the next step is to experiment. This involves testing your hypotheses or ideas through practical applications, simulations, or other methods that produce measurable results. By experimenting, you can validate or refute your theories, allowing you to identify which concepts have merit and which require further development.

Refining and Applying the ETERNAL Method

  1. Review Following experimentation, you’ll need to review the results. This stage involves analyzing the data, identifying patterns or trends, and determining the effectiveness of your theories. Be prepared to critically evaluate your findings, which will help refine your ideas and better understand the problem.
  2. Normalize: The normalize stage is about integrating the insights you’ve gained from your experiments into a coherent understanding or framework. By consolidating your findings, you can establish best practices, generate new theories, or create new processes that address the issue more effectively. Normalization is crucial for transforming your insights into actionable solutions.
  3. Apply Now that you’ve refined your understanding and developed a practical solution, it’s time to apply it. This stage involves implementing your solution or insights in a real-world context. By applying your knowledge, you can address the problem, improve existing processes, or create new opportunities for growth and development.

Learning from the ETERNAL Process and Conclusion

  1. Learn The final stage of the ETERNAL method is to learn from your experiences. Reflect on your successes, failures, and the overall process, and use these insights to inform future problem-solving and learning endeavours. By consistently applying the ETERNAL method, you can continually refine your skills and knowledge, leading to ongoing growth and development.


The ETERNAL method provides a robust and systematic approach to problem-solving, skill acquisition, and personal growth. Following this process, you can develop a deeper understanding of complex issues, generate innovative solutions, and continuously expand your knowledge and expertise. Whether tackling a business challenge, mastering a new skill, or seeking personal development, the ETERNAL method offers a valuable framework for success.

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