Preventive maintenance is carried out according to a schedule and established according to the time or the number of units of use (produced). Even if time is the most common unit, other units can be used, such as the number of products manufactured, the length of products manufactured, the distance travelled, the mass of products manufactured, the number of cycles carried out, etc. 
      This frequency of an intervention is determined from commissioning or after a complete or partial overhaul. This method requires knowledge of:

  • The behaviour of the equipment 
  • The modes of degradation 
  • The average time for proper operation between 2 failures

Note: standard exchanges carry out more and more systematic maintenance interventions.


  • Autonomous maintenance (first and second levels): cleaning, inspection and lubrication of equipment is carried out according to a regular cycle, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Greasing and lubrication
  • Technical visits
  • Standard exchanges
  • Revisions