First let’s review “what” is Process Excellence, or first three elements of the process:

  • Customer Value Stream (CVS)
    • processes that run flawlessly from one end to another;
    • delivering value to the customer when they want to where they wanted to how they wanted with little or no waste.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    • not all problems can be predicted when designing or engineering either equipment or process, it will have flaws;
    • improving CVS by proactive cross problem solving, instead of “fighting fires”;
    • identify future problems that hasn’t come up yet.
  • Culture and the leadership
    • mindset change supported by senior leadership team;
    • culture that supports root cause problem solving;
    • by putting customer needs first.

Another big 3 elements are “how” Process Excellence is achieved:

  • Analytics
    • monitor and measure how we improve the CVS.
  • Behavior
    • certain behaviors and skills that we need to do RCA or  problem solving effectively.
  • Tools
    • chart which allows us to measure signal and noise in the CVS to collect the rate metrics.

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