Activity Board Objectives

  • Visual representation of our goals, activities, and results.
  • A consistent method of communication.
  • Through the construction and presentation of an Activity Board, Teams’ understanding of content is reinforced.
  • Activity Boards are training material.


  • Show Team Vision, Methodology, Pictures, Names, Roles, Goals, Results, Safety Message, Team Learnings.
  • Board must have a logical flow, be easy to read and understand.
  • Digital pictures and computer-generated information is OK.  However, the PREFERRED METHOD is hand-drawn.
  • All Team Members should participate in creating and presenting the board.

Activity Board Guidelines

  • Colors & Patterns grab attention.
  • Easy to update helps keep the board “alive”.
  • A prominent location is desirable.
  • The title or purpose for the board should be bold and very clear.
  • Visual information is preferred instead of writing (80% visual/20% words).
  • Focus on the Process, Results, and Learnings.

The Use of Colour

  • Colour is a Tool used for improved communication.
  • Do not use color for the sake of color.

Top 10 Reasons for Failure:

  1. Boards not updated………discipline breakdown, lack of pride, low priority for TPM activities.
  2. Boards are used as Display Boards………misunderstanding of the Activity Board purpose.
  3. Board is located in a remote, inaccessible area…… opportunity to show progress.
  4. Boards are located in dirty, wet areas……bad advert for TPM.
  5. Boards have no clear purpose or vision……..lack discipline and training upfront.
  6. Boards are locked away……..difficult to access leads to apathy.
  7. Boards are too intricate….huge effort to maintain leads to no maintenance.
  8. Boards have no owners…….leads to out of date info, lack of maintenance, etc.
  9. Boards are very individual… overall guidance, the perception that TPM is not organized.
  10. Boards are seen as a gimmick…..lack of training, education, and Management participation.

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