It is necessary to develop operators who can check their equipment effectively, recognize when parts have deteriorated, or something is wrong, and perform easy maintenance tasks. Steps to take:

  • Create a diagram chart showing the equipment to be inspected
  • Identify points of inspection by using number value
  • Determine the method and frequency of the inspections
  • Fill out the inspection standards for each inspection point
  • Create a One Point Lesson for training

The next step is simplifying the inspection process by demarcating the inspection points on the floor.
Inspection feet mark, and arcs can orient the inspector and identify the driver for the inspection (quality, deterioration, etc.).
The positions on the arc are in the line of sight with the inspection point, as mentioned in the inspection standard.

Demarcating the inspection points on the floor

Visual management enhances maintainability and ensures that no checks are overlooked.

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