Quality is built in during every step of the manufacturing process.

If equipment malfunctions or defect is detected, machine in question will automatically stops, dragging down the rest of production until the problem is resolved.

Toyota Production system. Jidoka and Just-in-Time are two pillars of TPS.

For the Just-In-Time system, every single part that is made and supplied must meet predetermined high quality standards.

  1. Jidoka means that work stops immediately when a problem occurs. During a process, the machine detects the problem and stops, preventing defective products from being produced. This prevents a problem from impacting many widgets, and help to find and resolve Root Cause of the problem.
  2. Since a process automatically stops when a problem arises and is communicated on Andon (traffic light alike, status display board), production and maintenance staff can identify the problem’s cause to prevent recurrence. This means that production operators (workers) can watch over many machines and be be sure of quality while allowing for high productivity.

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