One-on-one meetings, also known as individual meetings or check-ins, are a type of meeting between a manager and an individual employee. These meetings provide a regular opportunity for the employee and manager to connect, discuss work-related issues, and track progress toward goals and objectives.

  1. Introduction: Begin the meeting by briefly reviewing the purpose of the one-on-one and reminding the employee of any specific goals or objectives you will discuss.
  2. Review of past actions: Review any actions or tasks agreed upon in previous meetings, and discuss the progress made towards completing them.
  3. Current priorities and challenges: Discuss any current priorities or challenges the employee faces and brainstorm ways to address them.
  4. Future goals and objectives: Set new goals and objectives for the employee to work towards and discuss any support or resources that may be needed to help them achieve these goals.
  5. Feedback and coaching: Offer feedback on the employee’s performance, and discuss areas where they can improve or develop further.
  6. Open discussion: Allow the employee to bring up any concerns or issues and address them as needed.
  7. Next steps: Review any next steps or actions that will be taken as a result of the meeting, and set a date for the next one-on-one.
  8. Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the meeting and thank the employee for their time and contribution.

Overall, the purpose of one-on-one meetings is to improve communication, increase productivity, and support the professional growth and development of the employee.

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