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Early Equipment Management – Launching Costs

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The effect of the major losses during a start up Launching Costs = Category “A” + Category “B” Launching Costs: Operating Losses-Category “A” Components of Category “A”: Costs per shift Depreciation cost per shift; Labor cost per shift; Utility cost per shift; Maintenance cost per shift. Calculation of  Category

M-P sheet (EEM) free template download

The use of the latest maintenance data and technology when planning or building new equipment to promote greater reliability, maintainability, economy, operability and safety while minimizing maintenance costs and deterioration related loss. We offer free downloadable template in pdf format, to download, please click on template below: Some of

TPM Pillars

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Total Productive Maintenance focuses on increasing of productivity. By measuring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, breakdowns and other losses like sub-standard quality, are identified and resolved. Autonomous Maintenance Focused Improvement Planned Maintenance Quality Early Equipment Management Training and Education Manufacturing Support Safety, Health and Environment Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Focused Improvement (FI)