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Chapter 7. Early Equipment Management. Part 3

5.2 What is ‘MP Design’? (1) Defining MP Defining MP and MP design MP is an abbreviation of ‘Maintenance Prevention’. It is defined as follows: Activities carried out at the stage of planning and designing new equipment, to promote reliability, maintainability, economy, operability, safety etc. and minimise maintenance costs

Chapter 6. Planned (Effective) Maintenance. Part 1

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1 What Is Effective Maintenance? 1.1 The Aim of Effective Maintenance The aim of Effective Maintenance is to raise the company’s productivity by lowering the total cost of its equipment over every stage from design and fabrication through to operation and maintenance (including the initial cost of the equipment

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

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What is MTBF?  Mean time between failures (MTBF) is calculated as the average time between failures for repairable items.  MTBF is used as a performance indicator (PI) of the reliability of manufacturing equipment.  The concept of “Mean time Between….”  is also applicable to e.g. entire packing lines (mean time