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OPL – One Point Lesson Template – Free Download

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One Point Lesson is a tool to convey information. Designed to enhance knowledge and skills in a short time, at the right time, whenever needed. To upgrade levels of expertise by having individuals study, learn and then train others in the knowledge or skill. One Point Lesson – Portrait

OPL – Compressed Air Safety – Air Line Hookup

Illustrate the correct way to hook up compressed air hose for cleaning the line. Pneumatic, Compressed Air Energy Source All lines have now been modified so that it is possible to clean the equipment safely with compressed air while the Main Air is locked out. The configuration on each

OPL – Asbestos containing sites – Utility pipes inspection that potentially may contain asbestos

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During the investigation of a pipe leakage involving the disturbance on insulation, all millwrights must wear this precautionary PPE until the type of the insulation is confirmed. The PPE provided is : 1/2 face-piece silicone mask with particulate filter P100. If asbestos material is suspected during investigation, work should be

Electrical Safety One Point Lesson – Electrical Panels

All electrical panels and switches should be closed at all times. The only persons allowed to enter electrical panels are qualified electricians. No one else should ever enter an electrical panel. This OPL is only for reference – always follow safety rules prescribed by your local H&S department.