• VOC needs to be quantified, converted into metrics that can be measured;
  • Critical To Quality (CTQ) Metrics are the measurable elements of a product or service the defines customer satisfaction;
  • CTQ Metrics allow us to:
    • Avoid misinterpretation of the VOC;
    • Identify key metrics;
    • Understand the gap between the current and desired state;
    • Validate the impact of improvement actions.

The CTQ tree

  • “Critical To Quality” Tree/Flow down:
    • A CTQ Tree is a tool that translates needs considered vital by the customer into product and service characteristics, and links these characteristics to organizational processes.
  • Generally VOC is:
    • Not measurable;
    • Complex;
    • Not specific.
  • CTQ’s are:
    • Measurable;
    • Simple;
    • Specific.
  • Converting the VOC into measurable CT Q’s is a key step in the improvement journey.
CTQ tree

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