Why do we use Activity Boards?

  • A consistent way to communicate
  • A proven method to describe CI Activities
  • A good advert for TPM
  • Easy to see progress at a glance

Activity Board “Rules of Thumb”

  • Colour & Patterns grab attention from a distance
  • Amusing and fun content creates interest
  • A prominent location is a “must”
  • Easy to update helps keep the board “active”
  • Show the Teams involved in the activity
  • Show a vision, mission, target, and results whenever possible

Activity Board Lifecycle

Activity Boards

Types of Activity Board

Type A, Plant Management Activity Boards

Plant Vision Activity Board – e.g.

Separate Vision Board – e.g.

Plant CI Policies and Objectives

Plant CI Targets and KPI’s

Deploying Top Line Measures to the Shop Floor

Clearly show Factory KPI’s at the shop floor level

Plant Management Activity Boards

Type B, Small Team Activity Boards

General Areas of a Small Team Activity Board

One Point Lessons

Teaching is learning

  • basic knowledge/information
  • improvements
  • safety

Key messages from OPL’s

  • leadership by teaching
  • self-study & general topics
  • make use of sketches & overviews
  • shows progress
  • The number created is a measure of “Moral”
  • Takes 5 minutes to read

Type C, Individual Pillar Activity Boards

Typical TPM Masterplan

Typical Display Boards

Display Boards are very important too! They help to convey important messages…

TEAM PLAYERS. Are strangers aware of your environment?

Activity Board – Tips from around the globe

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