To identify and communicate a World Class Maintenance strategy, which maximizes asset life ensures consistently high levels of equipment safety and reliability, transfers basic Maintenance knowledge from Mechanics to Operators with the objective of improving conversion costs.

ANNUAL PLAN It serves to formalize the planning process’ various outputs into one document, which is used throughout the year as reference document
BACKLOG Work orders to be planned and prioritized, awaiting scheduling and execution
BREAKDOWN Failure of a mechanical/electrical component to perform to a functional standard
BREAKDOWN MAINTENANCE A policy where no maintenance is done unless a mechanical/electrical component no longer meets its functional standard
CMMS Computerized maintenance management system
CONDITION BASED MAINTENANCE Maintenance based on the measured condition of an asset
CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE Improves equipment and its components so that preventive maintenance can be carried out reliably.  Equipment with design weaknesses must be redesigned
CORRECTIVE WORK The work performed to replace worn parts, adjust loose equipment, prevent a major failure, and return the equipment to nameplate condition
COSTS, LIFE CYCLE The total cost of an item throughout its life including design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, and disposal
DEFERRED MAINTENANCE Maintenance that can be or has been postponed from a schedule
DOWNTIME The period of time during which for any reason the equipment is unable to perform its intended function
EMERGENCY A condition requiring immediate corrective action for safety, environmental, or economic risk, caused by equipment breakdown
EMERGENCY REPAIR The occasional and unavoidable shutdown of equipment due to unforeseen circumstances requiring repairs in an unplanned mode
EQUIPMENT REPAIR HISTORY A chronological list of defaults, repairs, and costs on key assets so that chronic problems can be identified and corrected, and economic decisions made
EVENT REPOST Work request for operator
FAILURE Termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function to a standard.  A failure is an unsatisfactory condition.
FAILURE ANALYSIS A study of failures; to analyze the root causes, develop improvements, eliminate or reduce the occurrence of failures
FAILURE CODING Indexing the causes of equipment failure on which corrective action can be based, for example, lack of lubrication, operator abuse, material fatigue, etc.
FUNCTIONAL FAILURE Is the inability of an item (or the system/ subsystem in which it is installed) to meet a specified performance standard
MAINTENANCE An activity carried out to retain an item in, or restore it to, an acceptable condition for use or to meet its functional standard
MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE A comprehensive list of planned maintenance and its sequence of occurrence based on priority on a designated period of time
MAINTENANCE SHUT-DOWN A period of time during which a plant, department, process, or asset is removed from service specifically for maintenance
MAJOR LOSS Breakdowns >10 MIN
MINOR LOSS Breakdowns < 10 MIN
MTBF The ability of an item to perform a required function under stated conditions for a stated period of time; is usually expressed as the mean time between failures
MTTR The rapidity and ease with which maintenance operations can be performed to help prevent malfunctions or correct them if they occour
NDT Non-destructive testing of equipment to detect abnormalities in physical, chemical, or electrical characteristics, using such technologies as ultrasonics (thickness), liquid dye penetrants (cracks), x-ray (weld discontinuities), and voltage generators (resistance).
OPPORTUNITY MAINTENANCE The concept of opportunity maintenance is that some maintenance tasks, although being very important, should be delayed until the plant becomes available for maintenance work due to a production stoppage or a breakdown
OVERHAUL A comprehensive examination and restoration of an item to an acceptable condition
OVERHAUL MAINTENANCE Equipment is regularly disassembled or inspected, and excellence is judged at that time (no control of deterioration trend is executed), with defective parts replaced subsequently
PVM – PERIODIC MAINTENANCE – PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Cyclic maintenance actions carried out at regular intervals, based on repair history data and/or: 1) Time based  2) O/H Based
PLANNED MAINTENANCE – SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE Scheduled maintenance carried out according to a documented plan of tasks, skills, and resources.  Entails all aspects of PvM, B/D, CM, etc. (tools, supplies, materials, documentation)
POTENTIAL FAILURE It is an identifiable physical condition, which indicates a functional failure is imminent
PDM – PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE – CONDITION BASED MAINTENANCE Inspection is carried out to examine the state of deterioration and to carry out repair based on inspection results.  To be applied to the following cases: A) Cases in which it will be advantageous to set the time for maintenance work while viewing the state of deterioration. B) Cases in which deterioration is non-uniform, so the period cannot be fixed.
PM – PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Encompassing periodic and predictive maintenance, carried out at predetermined intervals, or to other prescribed criteria, and intended to eliminate the likelihood of a functional failure.  Actions taken now to prevent problems or reduce the severity of problems at a later time
PROACTIVE A style of initiative that is anticipatory and planned for
REACTIVE Response to failure
REPAIR To restore an item to an acceptable condition by the renewal, replacement, or mending of worn or damaged parts
SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE Any maintenance that is planned and prioritized to be done at a predetermined time
SHUTDOWN That period of time when equipment is out of service
SHUTDOWN MAINTENANCE (SD) Maintenance is done while the asset is out of service
TIME-BASED MAINTENANCE The repair period (theoretical and empirical values) is set based on parameters, which are proportional to deterioration of the equipment (productivity, number of operations, etc.).  Repair is executed unconditionally if the end of the period is reached
UNPLANNED MAINTENANCE Maintenance done without planning or scheduling; could be related to a breakdown, running repair, or corrective work

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