In this manufacturing business, I introduced the concept of the Daily management Board. I took the Senior leaders through the idea of daily reviewing key metrics and driving actions to either return the metric to target or create a step-change improvement. The initial critical message was “focus on what the customer wants & expects, be devoted to the customer.” During this coaching session, to help explain how important the customer was, I used the phrase “being obsessed with the customer.” One of the production leaders suggested, “We should have a room that’s devoted to obsession.”
They created a room to the edge of the production area with glass windows, away from machinery noise. They could hold their T2-Daily Management meeting involving all the Supervisors from the factory floor, together with the Production and Operations Managers. They called this the “Customer Obsession Room.” Every activity held in the room was devoted to the customer.
How important is the customer to your business that you devote so much energy to ensuring they’re your sole focus?

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