To make the product best-selling and the most wanted among the targeted customer, the product has to be as flawless as possible. This perfection is only achievable by evaluating the measurement system. Measurement systems evaluation is a high-priority step that every company should follow before the product is dispatched from the warehouse. The development and the process-related decision are based on the measurement values, as misleading information about the measurement values may create unwanted chaos in the process.

The measurement System follows a few properties to be beneficial which are given below:

  • Produce products in a way that would be close to actual value – Accurate.
  • The measurement system should produce the same value even when the different competent operators’ measures – Reproducible.
  • It has to produce the same amount in the upcoming years – Stable.
  • The measurement system should be able to produce the same value repeatedly – Repeatable.
  • It should generate a constant value over the object’s range – Linear.

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