What is quality function deployment?

In describing what quality function deployment is about, we will explain from a new perspective that is not limited to the conventional idea of “utilizing the principles of analysis and integration, diversification and visualization, generalization and localization.” Quality Function Deployment, or QFD, was developed in Japan and has come to be used worldwide. QFD can be considered a system for understanding cause-and-effect relationships and is a proven methodology for achieving a target in a short period of time.

  1. The Need for Quality Function Deployment
  2. Ladders of Abstraction
  3. Functional Expressions and Quality
  4. The Three Principles of Quality Function Deployment
  5. The Meaning of Quality in QFD
  6. The Voice of the Customer
  7. Establishing a Scenario
  8. Primitive Data Transformation Sheet
  9. Requirements and Required Quality
  10. Quality Characteristics and Quality Elements
  11. Conceptual Diagrams of Quality Function Deployment
  12. The Deployment Concept
  13. Quality Deployment and a Narrow Definition of Quality Function Deployment
  14. A Useful Quality Table
  15. The Future Deployment of QFD

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