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Workplace Electrical Safety – PM training

The Basics Electricity flows more easily through some materials than others. Conductor – substances that offer little resistance (metal, earth surface) Insulator – Substances that slow down or stop flow of electricity (glass, porcelain, wood) When a person receives an electrical shock, sometimes the electrical stimulation causes the muscles

Chapter 4. Focused Improvement. Part 1

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1. The Thinking behind Focused Improvement The effects of much conventional improvement activity used to be transitory, and there was a strong tendency for improvements not to be capable of being sustained or properly established. In TPM, by contrast, activities are organised to ensure that the benefits of Focused

Chapter 3. Getting Ready for TPM

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1. Getting Ready for TPM Once an organisation’s senior management has taken the decision to introduce TPM, it is likely to want to get going straight away. However, developing a TPM programme and implementing the five main pillars takes time and thorough planning. Although the time required for the