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Autonomous Maintenance Step 5. Autonomous Inspections

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Achieving Higher Levels of RELIABILITY and MAINTAINABILITY Maintain the restored state of equipment achieved through Steps 0-4 and Document Results of reduction in cleaning time; Further raise the reliability, maintainability, and quality of equipment; Develop and implement “Theory of Operation” manuals for each piece of equipment; Improve the efficiency

Equipment Effectiveness

7 Step Activities of Planned Maintenance Full support of autonomous maintenance Restore Critical Equipment to Basic Condition Implement Corrective Maintenance activities Expose departments to MP activities Expand Predictive Maintenance activities Image 7 steps down below illustrates the relationship between the 4 phases for attaining zero failures and how they are subdivided into

Chapter 4. Focused Improvement. Part 2

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6. Why-Why Analysis Why-Why Analysis is a technique for tracking down the root causes of undesirable phenomena logically and methodically, based on the facts, instead of merely brainstorming. It is conducted using one of the following two basic approaches: Approach starting from the viewpoint of ‘what should have happened