I’ve been implementing Daily Stand Up boards & meetings as part of visual management for a number of years to many different businesses. I’ve found success with Tier 1 & 2 meetings (T1=frontline staff & their leaders, T2=frontline leaders and middle management). But typically Tier 3 meetings occur seated using electronic files (T3=middle & senior plant management).

Due to the success and engagement with their T1 and T2 meetings, the Plant management decided to create a T3 board and place it in the main corridor where staff entered the plant. They held their T3 meeting (30mins) whilst standing at the board in full view of the whole factory. While everyone owned “Safety”, each participant took turns coming to the board & presenting their data.

Any issues raised would be recorded on an adjacent action board. After a few weeks, I asked the Plant Manager “how effective was it?” He told me “the most powerful thing was the position of the board & the weekly meeting in front of everyone”. He said, “transparency was a key to building trust”. Is this something that you could use to drive transparency & build trust?

Daily Visual Management Board
The image is taken from linkedin.com

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